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Spriiiiiinnggggg Date: Mar 10th @ 3:19am EST
Guys, I congratulate everyone with the beginning of spring !!!
write to me yes if you want Date: Jan 19th @ 5:40am EST
New Year holidays have already passed that we expect on? What about some hot marathon role-playing between holidays? Do you support my idea?
FAN CLUUUUUB Date: Oct 12th @ 5:41am EDT
Hi Hi!
There is little news - FAN CLUB on my page appeared and I will be very glad if you are subscribing to it. I already know how hot and beautiful content, I would like to post there and my first video will be downloaded in a few days! Do not miss it!
thaaaanks Date: Sep 21st @ 2:20am EDT
Thanks for your help, my good! You are real friends, because they really helped me choose a good car model for me and my lifestyle. Your advice was very helpful and now I look forward to meeting with the dealer that would tell him all the details))))))
I need your little help Date: Sep 12th @ 5:11am EDT
Guys, I know that you can just help me with this! In late September, possibly it fulfilled my biggest dream - I'll drive my first car. But as it turned out I had too little experience and I can not decide to choose a car, a little confuses me. I'm sure that someone of you who are well versed in cars, can give me some advice! Please write me an email or if you can help me do it
was little sick Date: Aug 28th @ 12:08am EDT
I want to thank you for your kind message and recovery requirements. I really felt awful, but I read every message and my heart is filled with warmth. It helped me recover faster. And now I'm back in my room and very much miss you !!!
miss you soooooo Date: Jun 27th @ 2:31am EDT
Guys, thank you for your warm welcome after my vacation! Even swimming in the warm sea, I really missed you and now I'm happy to be hereâ¤â¤â¤â¤
Thank you Date: May 8th @ 5:04am EDT
Thank you for the emotions of my first scheduled show! It was the best support for me. I love you all
my FIRST scheduled show Date: May 6th @ 6:44am EDT
Hi guys! Tomorrow at 5 am, I spend my first scheduled show! I hope you will come, which would have fun with með'
happy Date: May 5th @ 6:31am EDT
I am happy to spend every day with you
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